Thursday, September 28, 2023

Wash(Room)ington Pride


Anybody who's been to a gay bar or gay club in the past 40 years or so knows that the patrons don't always pay strict attention to those MENS ROOM and LADIES ROOM signs. But what if that patron is a member of Congress? Having already made history as the first female Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) quite possibly tops that feat by being, as far as I know, the first member of the legislative branch to have a selfie taken in an LGBTQ+ loo. The impromptu Instagram photo op took place a few days ago at the Capitol Hill hotspot The Little Gay Pub, which opened just this past March and has done very well since. Pelosi has a long record of supporting LGBTQ+ rights and for that reason is featured in a mural on the lavatory's ceiling. The bar's owners say they would like to get Hillary Clinton to make a rest room appearance next. If they succeed, that could be a new Third Way.


  1. I guess she was in there to look at the mural, not pee?

    1. Oh, Debra, she didn't go there to pee. Taking a bathroom selfie and posting it on Instagram has become the thing to do at this particular bar. The owners didn't come up with the idea but they've since run with it. They're also admirers of Nancy Pelosi for the reasons I've stated in the post, and it's been their goal for quite some time (and before the whole Instagram thing got going) to get her to pay a visit. Since she's still a very busy congresswoman in spite of no longer being Speaker or Minority Leader, there was a bit of negotiations between the bar and her office, and the visit was brief. I don't know to what extent the selfie-in-the-john was part of those negotiations, but she apparently was open to the idea. It was all in good, clean--remember, there are sinks--fun. I doubt it will hurt her politically, especially not with LGBTQ voters, if she even decides to run again.

      By the way, none of the online articles state whether this was the Men's Room, Ladie's Room, or, this being 2023, a gender-neutral room. All are equally plausible.

  2. From afar, Pelosi is much admired. I wish I could turn back her age clock twenty years.

  3. What a great picture!! And I agree, less anxiety inducing LOL!


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