Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Following Update

I'd like to welcome Standing On My Head (I know you take the e e cummings non-capitalization route, but I'm afraid anybody logging onto this blog for the very first time won't know what the heck I'm talking about.) She's left plenty of comments in the past, for which I'm grateful.

I have no plans to stand on my own head. The world seems upside down enough as it is.


  1. thanks, kirk. it's a pleasure to read you.
    if the world seems upside down, and you stand on your head, then it's rightside up!

  2. I've just been over there, to upside down land, and following your recommendation, I'm standing upside down too. Thanks.

    Any recommendation from you, Kirk, has to be worthwhile.

  3. @standing--Point well taken. A couple of years ago I tried standing on my head for the first time in 35 years. I couldn't do it! My legs kept falling forward. You might have to give me lessons, standing.


  4. kirk-here ya go. stand on your head with your back to a wall. rest your legs against said wall. then, ONE AT A TIME, take a leg away from the wall 'til you get a feel for where center is. this will also help you get all the appropriate shoulder and core muscles working to hold you up, with grace and ease!
    hey, how many bloggers do you think we can get upside down?

  5. Thanks, standing, I'll give it a try. First, I'll make sure there's another person in the room with me. Just in case we need to call 911.

    How many bloggers can we get upside down? Let me flip over this computer and see;)

  6. As a cyclist, I try to keep my rubber down and my head up. The alternative usually means abrasions and broken bones. But it seems to work for some (standing on their heads, I mean)!

    WV - redskal, a rascally communist, who just might once have been known as the Badger

  7. Badger, I wonder what it's like cycling in zero gravity.

  8. kirk-good idea, another person. s/he can also tell you when you're straight up and down. um, given that you compute at the library, turning the computer upside down may not work in your favor!

    badger-inversions work for everyone. really. try it! i'll help.

  9. Standing, let me ask the librarian what she thinks.

    KIRK: Excuse me, but would it be OK if I turned the computer--

    LIBRARIAN: Shhhhhhhhhhh!!!

    I'll ask later.


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