Saturday, December 11, 2021

Quips and Quotations (Prefab Rehab Edition)



I don't think we're friends exactly. More like compatriots.

--Michael Nesmith

I never really left. It is a part of my youth that is always active in my thoughts and part of my overall work as an artist. It stays in a special place.

--Michael Nesmith

 Nez once told me I should write my own songs because that's where the money is. Boy, I wish I had listened.

--Micky Dolenz

I was heartbroken beyond speech. I couldn’t even utter the words "the Eagles" and I loved Hotel California and I love the Eagles, the Flying Burrito Brothers, and the Byrds’ Sweetheart of the Rodeo, all that stuff. That was right in my wheelhouse and I was agonized, Van Gogh–agonized, not to compare myself to him, but I wanted to cut something off because I was like, "Why is this happening?" The Eagles now have the biggest-selling album of all time and mine is sitting in the closet of a closed record company?

--Mike Nesmith

(I'm assuming the closed record company Nesmith is talking about is RCA, which disappeared in 1986 after it was purchased by General Electric. His main point is that he was an early 1970s pioneer in "country rock". He did have one hit single from that period, "Joanne"--Kirk)

Warner Cable just watered down the idea [Popclips, a late 1970s show on Nickelodeon that Nesmith produced] and it became MTV.

--William Dear, music video director 

(Written by Nesmith)

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