Friday, April 9, 2010

Following Update

I'd like to welcome Gabriela Abalo, whose blog is called Embracing Who We Are .

Gabriela, I hope you'll embrace, or at least not be too repulsed by, my unique blend of Political Commentary, Social Criticism, Cultural Observations, Heartfelt Advice, Flights of Fancy, Emotional Catharsis, Comic Art (someday maybe; the library computer I use doesn't have a scanner), Dumb Jokes, Tortured Syntax, and a Lot of Bitching About Things I Have Absolutely No Control Over.

Meanwhile, I direct anyone reading this to the lower left-hand corner. You'll notice it says I have 13 followers. Look at those followers carefully.

Blogger is owned by Google. Don't any of those MIT graduates who work in Silicon Valley know how to count?


  1. Well, this Little Miss Crabby Ass has been plagued by Blogger for days. It can't count comments, either, Kirk. And yesterday when I was publishing comments, they were hanging somewhere in midair for up to an hour. Blogger is imperfect. Have I said that before?

    WV - mustrop. I mustrop my agitation at Blogger. It's deepening the furrow alongside my right eye.

  2. It's lovely to hear of Gabriela here, Kirk. I've seen her name around the traps and now must check her out more fully, that is assuming she is a she.

    One of my daughters tells me that you cannot trust that people are who they say they are.

    Blogger too is fallible, like the rest of us no doubt. I'm not much good at counting either.

  3. Hi Kirk,
    I have been embracing your work since I discovered your blog through Kass and Tag - If you check my blog you will see that you are on my list of recommended blogs to read - I really like your sometimes "sharp tone" and your writing style!
    I'm very thankful for the warm welcome to your blog community and therefore promoting my humble writing attempts.
    As for Elizabeth question: yes I'm a she (or at least I was still one the last time I checked ;-)) - Thanks Elizabeth for joining Embracing who we are... I'm glad you like it.


  4. @LimesNow--Yes, Blogger is imperfect, but they, and all the other keepers of the Internet, lull us into believing they have godlike powers, so when something goes wrong, it's hardly surprising we users would experience a crises of faith.

    @Elisabeth--Do you have a site meter? According to mine, mysterious people from Wichita, Kansas are always checking out my blog. Oh, and watch out for anyone speaking in Chinese characters!

    @Gabriela--again, welcome aboard.

  5. Those gods turn even a pureheart like me into a bitter cynic, Kirk.


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