Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In Memoriam: Howard Zinn 1922-2010

Historian. Political Scientist. Author. A People's History of the United States.

Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.

If those in control of ideas--politicians, corporate executives, owners of press and television--can dominate ideas, they will be secure in their power. They will not need soldiers patrolling our streets. We will control ourselves.

Most wars, after all, present themselves as humanitarian endeavors to help people.

Even if you win the rat race, you're still a rat.

If the gods had intended people to vote, they would have given them candidates.


  1. I missed this announcement until just know. I'm not real familiar with his work but what I have read has been iconoclastic, turning the accepted histories we grew with on their ears. An interesting and abrasive man, his insight will be missed. thanks Kirk.

  2. I can't believe he's gone. When Molly Ivins went, I just about broke down. Who will speak out against the corporate stranglehold now?

  3. This is the first I've heard of his death. I have seen him give several speeches -- such an intelligent human being. I think I first saw him on Democracy Now and was so impressed with his rational thought. The world has lost a great thinker. But I am thankful to know people like him exist(ed) in this world. It gives me hope. Ever so slight...

  4. Oh, say it isn't so! You mean it's not exactly like the drivel they pump at us?

    @ The Badger ~ WE (the collective we) will continue to speak out against the stranglehold. We may be tilting at windmills, but we can't let our silence be their comfort.

  5. @Tag--I'm writing the day after I first posted this. I first heard about it in the comment section of "Hill's Country" about an hour before the State of the Union address. Nothing about it in today's Plain Dealer, but it is mentioned on The Nation web site.

    @Once Known as Badger--Noam Chomsky and Gore Vidal are still around, though they're up there in years. If you don't harbour any hard feelings about the 2000 election, there's still Ralph Nader, though he's up there in years, too. Michael Moore, of course. Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow both draw their paychecks from GE, yet that fact didn't stop either one from criticizing the Supreme Court decision last week. In fact, the Prez, with all due respect to the separation of powers, took a swipe at the Court last night(much to the chagrin of Judge Alito), that was the highlight of the speech for me. and, finally, on the funny pages, a place always near and dear to my heart, we still have Garry Trudeau. So all is not lost.

    @Dreamfarm--Thanks for reminding me, I forgot all about Amy Goodman in my response to Badger. I first saw Zinn on Bill Moyer's (forgot him, too) and he was on C-Span a lot (yep, I'm a public affairs nerd). I didn't realize Zinn was as old as he was. Thank God we still had him around during the Dark Ages (aka the Bush administration).

    @amadmike1--The fact that I got this many comments about it makes me feel good.

    @Limes--One reason why I chose "Shadow of a Doubt" as the title of this blog (the other has to do with a certain Mr. Hitchcock).

  6. losing howard zinn and j.d. salinger on the same day-that's a bit much to bear.
    kirk, i'm very glad you named some of the folks still in the fray. now i'm wondering who's in the wings, waiting for their cue.
    and i agree with badger. i miss molly ivins more than i can say. what a brain, and what a heart.

  7. Molly Ivans syndicated column never made it to my newspaper, unfortunately. I only knew her from the occasional TV appearance, and she always came across as a very smart and funny lady.

    I'm glad you mentioned Salinger. I just did a post about him.

  8. I hope Molly Ivins, Ann Richards, Barbara Jordan and Howard Zinn are roasting some 'repuke corpocrats in the great big Dem tent in the sky.


  9. I hope so, too, Hill, though I seem to remember my sunday school teacher telling me the roasting takes place someplace else

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