Saturday, January 16, 2010

Following Update

I'd like to welcome Elisabeth from Down Under. As I've done in the past, and will continue to do until I run out of room, I've added her blog Sixth in Line to the blog roll.

You may wonder why I always do that. Well, my feeling is that if someone finds what I have to say interesting, then I'll find what they have to say interesting as well. So far, that has been the case. And it certainly has added variety to my blog roll. For instance, I've got both the atheistic Alphaville, and an italics-speaking supreme being's Small Talk With God.

Let's see some focus group come up with that!


  1. I knew you'd welcome Elisabeth ~ that's a nice thing that you do.

    I often feel like this: If THAT blogger finds something interesting (some blog), I want to check it out, too.

  2. Thanks for the welcome Kirk. I follow the same logic as you and Leslie of Limes, and I also follow the blogs of those who leave comments on other blogs I'm already following when the comments resonate for me.

    It becomes a bit like a huge gathering and we meet so many, as you say, diverse people this way.

    With some we stop and chat only momentarily; with others we talk together for ages, and we come back again and again.

    This is the connection I appreciate most, because it has more depth to it, but it always starts with a short hello and a welcoming handshake.

    Thanks for offering your hand here. It's good to meet you.

  3. @Limes--First year I had this blog there were no followers, no comments (except for the occasional one by Erin O'Brien, which I thank her for if she's reading this), I was basically talking to myself, something I often do even when I'm off-line. Now that it's changed, why shouldn't I show my appreciation?

  4. @Elisabeth--Again, I'm glad you're aboard. But I should remind you that if there's a post you especially like, such as the one about Rasputin, well, Babe Ruth struck out 1330 times.

    @Tag--You're welcome.

  5. It's great to read a wide variety of perspectives here in Blogworld. I try that too. But I probably do tend to read more regularly those who at least have some things in common with me. I'll have to check out Elisabeth.

  6. Actually, Dreamfarm, I think you'll like Elizabeth, but I'm not trying to force these blogs on anyone. We all have different tastes; I'm just surprised (and grateful) that people with different tastes like ME.


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