Monday, February 2, 2009

Born to Run the Clock

Man, did you see Springsteen on the halftime show last night? He jumped, skipped, danced, shimmied, duck walked, dropped to his knees, slid crotch first into a camera, got back up from his knees, hovered over the audience, let the audience hover over him, used his guitar as a hula-hoop, did a time check with Steve Van Zandt, got flagged by a referee, and announced he was going to Disneyland. He also sang three classics ("Tenth Avenue Freeze Out" "Born to Run" "Glory Days") and one new song ("Working on a Dream"), which, thanks in part to last night's performance, may someday end up a classic.

Not bad for a guy pushing 60.

Or maybe the prospect of turning 60 is what pushes him.

Glory days
Well, they'll pass you by
Glory Days
In a wink of a young girl's eye
Glory days

Well, they certainly haven't passed the Boss by yet. That young girl's eye must be epoxied shut!

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