Monday, December 8, 2014

Quips and Quotations (Caucasian Film Auteur Nostalgia Edition)

I’m not against the police, I'm just afraid of them.

--Alfred Hitchcock.


  1. hahahaha...
    I was looking at many of these I thought I know this one and this one and they are Alfred Hitchcock movies.
    My Mum and I watched many of these together. The first one looks like The 39 Steps, we watched that one such a long time ago and I can remember sitting in the living room with her after my late class.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Right you are, Parsnip, the first one is indeed THE 39 STEPS. That's Robert Donat on the right, trying his best to elude the cops.

    1. ...and by far one of the best one made. Some remakes seem somewhat shallow. I saw a remake on Masterpiece a few years ago and thought it so weird.

    2. The remakes may not be based on the Hitchcock movie, parsnip, but on the original 1915 novel, which Hitch's film was in turn based. I've never read that novel, but it's my understanding that Hitchcock changed it quite a bit when adapting it for the screen, including adding a romantic comedy subplot (though the film as a whole is not a comedy) In fact, the character Madelyn Carroll played doesn't appear in the novel, according to my research. So, these other versions you've seen, parsnip, may seem different simply because they're more FAITHFUL to the original novel.

      Of course, just because something is more faithful doesn't automatically make for a better movie. Though I try to keep an open mind about these things, I think I'd have a difficult time enjoying a version of THE 39 STEPS that didn't have the male and female leads handcuffed to each other at some point, whether it was in the original novel or not.


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