Friday, September 16, 2011


I was looking at one of those online news aggregate sites when I came across the following...


Woman Dies From Gas Fumes

Now, I ask you, why in the world might I like THAT? I have no quarrel with the woman. I never even met her!


  1. I am always amazed by what the sites pick up on. I have heard it is because of a word or phrase you have used but your "News You Might Like" is disturbing.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. facebook and i are in an ongoing conversation. ads appear, i remove them. fb asks why, i check "uninteresting." it asks what i'm interested in. how do i tell it that i am interested in NOT having a machine second-guess what i'm interested in? *growl*

  3. I know a bit about manipulating key words because of a business I managed. I "get" how it works. However, I do not want to "please women every time" or "elongate" myself, or be "remarkable to all my women friends". No. No. Not a bit. And I wonder what I could ever have said . . . I promise you - it takes a lot of work to pop in those words that cause a reaction. I'm not sure I could ever have said anything that would have brought such stuff to me. Just ONE of the reasons I don't expand myself to Facebook, et. I have very limited time to spend on this. PLEASE don't second-guess me. I'll TELL you what interests me. Thank you. LM

  4. @angryparsnip--I was going to write about driving my car into town and seeing what's playing at the multiplex, but after reading your comment, I've had second thoughts. If the search engine found out that I used "Ford" and "theater" in the same essay, it might assume I approve of the Lincoln assassination!

    @rraine--I didn't even know you COULD remove ads from Facebook. Learn something new every day.

    @Leslie--OK, let me figure out what might have gone wrong. Could it be that you once wrote about going to the beauty parlour, the one that advertises that it pleases women every time, to get some hair extensions, and thus described how your locks of hair were now were elongated, and all your women friends found that remarkable?


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