Thursday, June 9, 2011

In Memoriam: Leonard Stern 1923--2011

Writer. TV producer. The Honeymooners. Get Smart. Co-creator (with Roger Price) of Mad Libs.

"(exclamation!)_____________! he said(adverb) ________ as he jumped into his convertible (noun) ______ and drove off with his (adjective) ___________ wife."


  1. In the voice of Anthony Weiner, just to keep it all contemporary:

    "Hot damn!" he said heatedly as he jumped into his convertible filthy mind and drove off with his imaginary future wife."

    May not be grammatically perfect, but you get the idea of what's ailing me today.

  2. "Convertible filthy mind." HA!

    I think most politicians minds are convertible whether they're dirty or not.

  3. What, meaning the hole in the head is so large only half a mind is available at any given time?

    WV-bephori. Weiner should have thought about it bephori . . well, you know how I feel.

  4. Politicans have as many minds as faces and sides of the mouth that they speak out of.

    If you'd like, we can have a discussion about Rep. Weiner.

  5. My Gramps called Nixon "9-Face Nixon". I've met and lobbied before a few of the spinning heads men and women. I'm leaving soon (5 minutes), but - yes - Weiner might make a good BBQ dish about now.

  6. Ever lobby before Linda Blair?

    Weiner is getting quite a roasting.

  7. Nope. I believe Linda was all in a twist by the time I was lobbying.

    Yeah, I'd say he's likely got grill marks by now. I'm writing something his scandal has made me think about.

  8. I look forward to reading it.

  9. All I remember from the few times we watched The Honeymooners when I was a child was they lived in the most dreary apartment and he yelled all the time.
    Many years later I found out the writers based the apartment on a cold water walk-up in New York. All I could think of as a child that why didn't he go out buy some paint and hang a picture and stop yelling.
    The writing went completely over my head.

    cheers, parsnip

  10. parsnip--I think I read somewhere that the apartment was based on one that Jackie Gleason himself had grown up in. Ed Norton (Art Carney) lived in a bigger apartment with more furniture, which I guess means that working in a sewer pays better than driving a bus. Ralph Kramden spent all his extra cash on get-rich-quick schemes that never panned out, so he had nothing left over to paint the walls.

    Thanks for commenting, parsnip.


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