Monday, May 24, 2010

Following Update

I'm pleased to welcome Kass, who's left a few comments here in the past. I know a lot of you already read her blog, but, in the off-chance you haven't, it's called The K Is No Longer Silent.

I once tried to silent the Ks in my own name, but decided I didn't really like being called Ir.

(Word of warning, Kass. The above is what occasionally passes for humor on this blog.)


  1. As Kass and Kirk are both keepers, it pleases me to see you've met!

    WV - undshe. Undshe is a generous follower, too!

  2. And yes, Kirk, if you take the K from Kass, what are you left with? My joke now.

    Two wonderful writers, both of you despite the necessary 'k'.

  3. Humor, in all forms is appreciated.

  4. humor, in all forms, is a necessity for getting through the day, says i.
    get your minimum daily requirement of humor wherever you can!

  5. @LimesNow--I've observed Kass from afar.

    @Elisabeth, Kass, and Standing--Whenever I do these Following Updates, I often try to squeeze a witticism out of either the follower's name (if it's something made-up, like LimesNow) or the name of the the follower's blog. Kass, I would imagine, is using her real name, and the name of her blog is too clever of a joke for me to possibly top, so I guess I was making fun of my inability to top it. By the way, Kass, from reading your comments at Limes' place, and your blog on occasion, I have a difficult time believing the K was ever silent.

  6. Oh, Kirk, sure - I knew you two had been in the same room (including my own) sometimes. I'm just pleased to see this connection here.

  7. As Sylvia Plath once said: “ The silence depressed me. It wasn't the silence of silence. It was my own silence.”
    I’m glad neither of you is silence… keep talking, keep writing, keep sharing.


  8. @Gabriela--For whom the bell jar tolls? It tolls for thee.

    Sorry, Gabi. I couldn't resist.


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