Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Quips and Quotations

Groucho and Chico are going over a contract.

Chico: What's that?

Groucho: It's the sanity clause.

Chico: Ah, I don't believe in Sanity Clause!

--A Night at the Opera


  1. Classic scene froma a classic flick. Seen it so many times, I can talk along with it at this point. It does NOT get funnier than the Marx Brothers!

  2. @Hill--Glad you liked it, Hill.

    @Limes--Kind of hard to quote Harpo unless I type out BEEP. He wasn't in that particular scene, anyway. As for Zeppo, he wasn't in that particular movie. He left the team after they switched studios. I also left out Margaret Dumont, who would make the funniest expressions as Groucho alternately insulted and flattered her.

    Lemmy--Chico certainly knows how to reduce the small print in a contract. I have a letter from my credit card company that I'd like him to go over.

  3. This scene is pretty much duplicated in Day At The Races, with Chico selling Groucho racing tips. I try to work Chico's "Peanuts TO YOU" saying from that scene into as many conversations as possible.

  4. @Lemmy--It's interesting how Groucho, always portrayed as a con man of sorts, is in turn so easily conned by Chico.

  5. i shot an elephant in my pajamas...
    you know the rest.

    good grief, but they're funny.

  6. @Standing--How he got in my pajamas I'll never understand.

    Sorry, Standing, but I just had to finish it.

  7. kirk-i was pretty much counting on that! *grin*