Thursday, October 29, 2009

Following Update

Started out the week with five followers, lost one (Hill deactivated her follower thingie; fortunately, she still reads SOAD, as indicated by her appearance in a recent comments section), was down to four (duh), and then, just a couple of minutes ago, gained another follower, so I'm back up to five (duh again.)

According to his blog, Cosmic Navel Lint hails from the land of the Fab Four, Peter Sellers, and Monty Python. Welcome aboard, Cosmic (which reminds me, it's also the land of Red Dwarf.)


  1. I can't seem to to connect with Hill Country Gal's Blog. The link doesn't seem to work.

  2. She took her blog private. You have to give her your email address and she sends the blog that way now. I know this because I happened to catch her public blog in its' last week of existence. As I'm on her send list, if you'd like, I could tell her in the comment section that you want to keep reading. I heartily endorse her blog. There are some really wild conversations in her comment section.

  3. Thank you. I would like to get her blog that way if possible. I enjoyed the ones I read, and she has good taste in music I appreciate. Thanks Kirk.