Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Quips and Quotations (City of Lights Edition)

I want to make it clear that I don't consider comics to be a Great Art. When a reviewer wants to put down a film, they'll often say it has a "comic book plot".

--Charles M. Schulz

Humorists always sit at the children's table.

--Woody Allen

Satire is what closes on a Saturday night.

--George S. Kaufman

Schulz, Allen, and Kaufman may have been a bit too hard on themselves. It seems there are people in this world who take comics, humor, and satire...

 ...VERY seriously.


  1. Thanks for commenting, Kass.

  2. Interesting post.
    There is a fine line (with most things) between satire and insults. It is easy to ridicule a religion, people or way of life that is such an smack to the face of humanity.
    Free speech is a human right but I think one has to think about how one uses this right. There are limits. Hate speech is still hate.
    I am sure it is easy to make fun of a religion and way of life that believes it is their right to kill you because you are a non believer, they are saving you, sharia, law, lack of education, health care, violence against women this is an intolerance religion and way of life. Many religions are intolerant but not to the level of this one.
    What is that saying, religion is the opiate of the masses. And when religion is a matter of culture and identity from the very start of a young life, I think that is where trouble begins.
    Kinda wobbled along here....
    I don't think I would have ever read this paper but no one has the right to kill someone because they think differently.
    Intolerance is just that and using terrorism to make statement about intolerance is just so wrong.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Thanks for your comment, parsnip. I wasn't aware of any wobbling.