Monday, May 21, 2012

Vital Viewing (and Listening)

In Memoriam: Donna Summer 1948-2012

“This music will always be with us...I mean, whether they call it disco music or hip-hop or bebop or flip-flop, whatever they’re going to call it, I think music to dance to will always be with us.”       

In Memoriam: Robin Gibb 1949-2012

"We were always writing the kind of music we do now but we weren't putting it down right. We  were writing R&B, but we weren't going in an R&B direction."

A fellow Australian introduces the Bee Gees:

Not a good week for disco, huh?


  1. he was a manchester lad. i think that's 3 brothers dead now, one left. we were dancing our heads off last night to Donna in the pool room at the Cowgirl..played about 4 of her tracks. fan bloody tastic..

    1. Oh, yeah, that's right, the Gibbs were originally from Britian, and then moved to Australia when they were kids. Are you from Manchester, Jane? If so, it must be a good place to raise musicians. Yes, Barry's the only one left. Hope you didn't distract the pool players with all your dancing. Or were you dancing while PLAYING pool?

  2. They were both definitely musicians from my era. Sad news for me.

  3. Mine, too, though I didn't like either one of them when I was in my teens, as I was of the opinion "disco sucks", a popular rallying cry in my high school back in 1979. But I now feel that all that was silly, though there's still people my age who cling mightely to that sentiment. In my opinion, there were good disco songs (e.g. the ones above) and there were bad disco songs (e.g. Disco Duck by Rick Dees). A whole genre of music shouldn't be demonized.

    Nice to hear from you again, Kass. Stay tuned. I have a bigger post I'm working on (and which I accidently posted for all of two seconds. Enough time, apparently, for the title to land on everybody's blogroll)

  4. Yes, I keep looking for this post. Looking forward to actual publication.

    It's interesting that the soundtrack for our lives may have taken on a direction we never would have anticipated.