Monday, May 2, 2011

Mission Accomplished

I'm not very good at geography. I admit it.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Just heard Osama Bin Laden was killed.

Just like politicians from both major parties promised.

No American soldier has died in vain, after all.

No civilian has died in vain, after all.

No money has been wasted, after all.

But back to geography.

Which I'm not very good at.

I have before me a map of Iraq.

I see Baghdad, Basra, Fallujah, Mosul, Kirkuk, Sadr City, Mosul, Ramadi, Samarra, Tikrit, and even Babylon.

But nowhere in Iraq, do I see a city named Pakistan.

Looks like some politicians aren't very good at geography, either.


  1. Well done. I think I am going to share this.- Jill

  2. Very well done, Kirk! I've been turtle-like, hiding in my shell for about 36 hours, but when I pop my head out to look around, I am beaten to death with words and film and rhetoric. I was struggling, and therefore I refuse, to get all het up over any part of it. After all . . END something, some war, some "action" and announce that. THAT may grab a more enthusiastic reaction from me.

  3. Thanks Les. What I was trying to do with this bit of doggeral is to remind people what a horrifying detour we made in our quest to avenge those killed on 9/11. That should temper any celebration. We lost more Americans in Iraq, a country that never harboured Osama Bin Laden, than died on 9/11.

    Bring the troops home already.

  4. Just looked it up. I spelled doggerel wrong.

  5. what somebody shot the president? in Pakistan?

  6. You sound like a right-winger.

  7. I wouldn't dog you about the spelling of doggerel, Kirk. I'd probably have to double-check myself on that one, actually. Also, graffiti and guard for some reason. Even though I know - every time - that gaurd would be pronounce something like gow-erd, and, therefore, only guard remains. Which is not why I'm here again.

    I'm crabby today. I don't wish to be enlightened with logic and facts. I don't want to find my way out of my muddle, particularly. But I was just wondering what would happen to our national economy if we just selected an arbitrary date on the calendar and brought everybody home. Stopped spending lives and dollars. Could it make anything worse? I think not.

  8. We'd have money to spend on domestic concerns.

    And lives would be saved.

  9. That's why I appreciate you, Kirk. Thank you.