Sunday, November 21, 2010

Quips and Quotations

You're always a little disappointing in person because you can't be the edited essence of yourself.

--Mel Brooks


  1. It would be nice if I could edit out my lack of impulse control in social settings. People are starting to stay away in droves.

  2. @Kass--I can edit my impulse control, but only at the risk of seeming aloof or withdrawn.

    Feel free to let your hair down any time you want in this comment section, Kass.

  3. I know! The essence of me is so much better than the cluttered with all the daily details and garbage me. Sadly, who we are is not really the essence-me we think we are, since everyone else is seeing the cluttered up me.

  4. I wouldn't mind everybody seeing all the clutter if I could just CHOOSE what clutter they see myself. Thanks for commenting, Dreamfarm.

  5. hear I'm, attempting to be that edited essence, but people are running fast and far away... I wonder why ;)

    Nice post!

    Have a great Thanksgiving day

  6. i sometimes wish i could edit out my impulse to advise. if i could just shut up...
    i think our unedited selves are so much more interesting than if we start deleting things. that requires that we suppress part of us, and that always backfires!

  7. @Gabriela--They're not running away from your blog. You've turned into quite the poet.

    @standing--If I suppress it, I'm a wallfower, if I don't, I'm a boor. I just can't win.

    @Everybody--I've taken another look at Mr. Brook's quote, and I wonder if he doesn't mean that movies like Young Frankenstein or The Producers are his "edited" essence, and the unedited essence is when he's moody or intospective and just doesn't feel like constantly making people laugh.

  8. I'm back... answering your question: I'm not from the US, I'm 100% Uruguayan (50% Spanish, 25% Italian, 25% Lebanese +/-)
    I went with the spirit of all my american friends, so since all of them where giving thanks, I decided to do the same ;)
    I'm really thankful, the holiday gave me a chance to say so.

    Thanks for your continuous support to my blog.

  9. kirk, is that boor, or bore? i can't imagine you being either. certainly hasn't shown up here. perhaps the essence is somewhere in between, where we're neither hiding nor reacting.

  10. @Gabriela--I just looked up Uruguay on Wikipedia. I'm assuming Spanish is your first language.

    I thought maybe you were British. This is because you were blogging from Africa for awhile, and since until just now I assumed English to be your first language, I thought it more likely a Brit than a Yank would be living there, large chunks of it being part of the former empire and all.

    By the way, according to Wikipedia, Uruguay has the highest standard of living in all of Latin America. Given how things are going here in the US, I might want to emigrate there!

    @standing--I looked up the definitions of "bore" and "boor". A bore is boring, a boor is clumsy in social situations. Both have probably applied to me at one time or another.

    Maybe I'm a boar. Grunt! Grunt!