Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Garment District

Saw something interesting on my site meter the other day. For those of you who don't know, a site meter gives the blogger some inkling on the nature of their audience. Don't worry; it gives neither names nor addresses. If the blogger's lucky, though, they'll learn the country and city of the person checking their site out. The meter seems to work best if it's a direct connection between one person's computer and the blogger's. If the blog is accessed through a third party, the trail is often lost. Even so, the site meter may still state who that third party is, and that's always good to know. It can also raise more questions.

According to my site meter, someone accessed my blog from this site:


Rising taste? I wondered, was that the same as good taste? Was it a way of achieving good taste? Was that site perhaps telling people that if they want good taste, then they should read Shadow of a Doubt? Was my blog now right up there with classical music, William Shakespeare, Chippendale furniture, and white Christmas tree lights? At long last, the aesthetes had discovered me!

When I clicked on the actual site, I saw the focus was a bit more narrow than all that:

Risingtaste - where taste meets fashion

It was an online clothing store. Well, that leaves Shakespeare out.

Still, it was flattering to think that the fashion mavens had discovered me. Strange, too. There are no photos of me on this blog, but, trust me, such a photo would never be confused with the cover of GQ. But perhaps tastes were changing. Was disheveled "in"? Come next spring, will frayed T-shirts with stubborn mustard stains (I rubbed Tide on it; nothing works), faded jeans with the back pockets coming off, socks that fail to adequately cover the big toe, and scuffed up shoes tied in quadruple knots because the damn laces keep coming undone, be all the rage on the Paris runways?

I examined the web site more closely. In small letters, right underneath the heading, it read:

Wholesale clothing from China

They must have found out I live near Wal-Mart.


  1. hahahahahahahahahahahah.....

    Oh My !

    Interesting that someone from China found your blog.
    I think that was surly good luck for them.
    I am thinking it had to be some one in Hong Kong. I have dealt with a few companies there and they have the ability to use the internet without government interference.

    Still a funny and clever post today.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Kirk, I'm almost afraid to closely inspect who might be checking me out and why! You're brave and I salute you for that. Too often, I am willing to stick my head in the sand, "close my eyes and think of England." [Queen Victoria advised her daughters to do just that when faced with the baser elements of the sex act between husband and wife.]

    I wonder, briefly, before I skitter away, what such a following might conclude about me: good, classic clothing and presentation with just a touch of edge to it, by someone who refuses EVER to pay full retail. Is my taste good or stale? Edgy or old? Provincial or "right now"?

    And who/what the hell is a Chinese wholesale house to call what I am?

    Loved this! Thank you.

  3. @parsnip--Happy you liked the post, parsnip. This isn't the first time the Chinese have paid me a visit. In the past, I've gotten Chinese characters in the comment section. Now, they switched to English. They must have finally figured out I don't speak their lingo.

    @Leslie--Just now I checked my stats, and got a RUSSIAN website! In the past, the U.S. Senate, The Library of Congress, the Pentagon, Georgetown University, and a used car dealership in Cleveland have all checked this blog out. Go figure.

    "And who/what the hell is a Chinese wholesale house to call what I am?"

    Queen Victoria may not be amused, but I am.