Thursday, March 31, 2011

Following Update

I've got a new follower! I'd like to welcome CramCake to Shadow of a Doubt.

Could Betty Crocker be next?


  1. Well, Kirk! I'm glad. Ask her how she found you and who she is. Or do you already know?

  2. *impressive entrance involving perhaps a slide and some jazz hands* TA-DAHH!!! Happy to be here.

  3. Sorry for the delay. Away from the computer for a day

    @Leslie--You kind of hinted at it some time ago when I left a comment on your blog about a tattoo that I assumed was yours (and thus was embarrased when I found out it wasn't.)

    @Badger--She comes from good stock.

    @CramCake--Happy to have you. You have impressed me with your comments, both here and elsewhere.

  4. You don't have to be embarrassed about the tattoo. That one just doesn't happen to be mine. I DO have some hope on the horizon for some instruction in photography so I can finally put up the post that DOES include my tattoos,as well as CramCake's. I've just had a terrible time trying to take pictures of my own.

  5. Hello Cramcake, You have good taste.