Saturday, January 22, 2011

Following Update

Haven't done this in a while.

I'd like to welcome angryparsnip to Shadow of a Doubt. I'm sure reading this blog will make you a very happycarrot.

Well, not if I keep making stupid jokes like that.

I'd also like to give a nod to Kass. I believe angry found her way here through her blog.


  1. Nod acknowledged and appreciated. My bloggies are the best!

  2. Hey...
    I as was taking a break from cleaning my studio, I checked my reader and surprise saw my name !

    Parsnips are angry or at lest miffed that more people don't even try them, carrots yes parsnip no... after all how could a parsnip ever be angry, yes ?

    I read several blog but don't always comment but keep the stupid jokes coming, love them !

    Kass does have lovely bloggies !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. @Kass--And to think when I started this blog, I wasn't even going to bother with the "follower" option or a blogroll.

    @angryparsnip--To be perfectly honest, I had to look up parsnip. I knew it was some sort of edible vegetable, but didn't know it was related to the carrot (I wonder what Bugs Bunny makes of all this?)

    You just signed your comment parsnip, so that's what I'll call you from now on (I felt a little funny calling you "angry")

  4. Kirk, it pleases me to see you adding followers! Angryparsnip will find herself enriched, like the rest of us, for following your blog.

  5. I find your return to the blogosphere enriching, Limes. The comment section hasn't been the same without you. One thing you'll see has changed: I take a lot longer responding to these comments than I used to. I beg everybody's patience.


  7. @anonymous--As a fan of comic art, I found that link very interesting, but I'm sure what it has to do with me gaining a new follower.

    If the anonymous cartoonist would like to be a follower, he or she is welcome.

  8. cool post.. thanks for stopping at my blog..

    hope to see you again. :) following you now

  9. my response to anonymous, that should be "I'm NOT sure"

    Some days I wish I was anonymous.

    @SY--Ah! You gave me an idea for a post! Stay tuned.