Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stopped Clock

So I log in to this web site, and I get the site's name, but not the content, just blank space. I look at that blue bar at the bottom of the screen. You know, the one that gets longer, or grows, as you wait for something to materialize. Except this is stunted growth, the blue bar only about a third of the way there. I decide I don't feel like waiting, and I'll go someplace else. So I type a different word in that long rectangular box. Well, only half that sentence is accurate. I did physically type out the word, but nothing appeared in the box. I looked down at that blue bar, and it was growing once again. OK, I thought, I'll stay after all. Then once again it stopped. The blue bar was now about halfway where it was supposed to be. Determined not to patiently wait, I aimed the arrow icon to the X on the top of the screen, hoping to blank everything out, and start all over again. But instead of an arrow icon I had an hourglass icon. Ever try to blank out the screen with an hourglass icon? You can't. It won't work. So, left with no alternative, I just stared at the hourglass. And stared. And stared. And you know what?

The sand in the hourglass wasn't even moving.

Whatever happened to computer animation?


  1. It's very similar to watching grass grow, in my experience.

  2. Man, that was fast, Limes! I actually just revised it slightly. I wonder which version you saw.

  3. Well, I guess I was in the right place at the right time! I believe I read it in its current state.

  4. If ever that happens again, Kirk, just hit the CTRL-ALT-DELETE keys, all at the same time, and bring up the Task Master - even if your mouse cursor has just been an hour glass, in Task Master, it reverts to a normal arrow and allows you close whatever applications are not responding.



  5. Whatever happened to computer animation? .

    Disney bought it. Now it sucks.

  6. Reminds me of the old dial-up days.


    However, the hourglass reference was hilarious. LOL.


  7. @Limes--Unlike the comment section, if I spell something wrong in a post I can always change it. Much less gnashing of teeth.

    @Cosmic, aka Bren.--It does help. Thanks.

    @Lemmy--Ub Iwerks would agree with that.

    @Hill--Maybe they should replace the hourglass icon with a sun dial.

  8. I had to Google that reply. Wikipedia comes to the rescue yet again.

  9. for some reason i've been having a lot of computer freezes myself lately. only i don't have the hourglass on my home compu, just an annoying blue circle, that looks like light is zipping around it. Light is not zipping around it because even though the screen is lit, nobody's home. I guess there will never be a time when technology isn't both wonderful and suck.

  10. @Lemmy--Don't feel bad, Lemmy. When you first showed up here, I had to google your very name, as the picture looked kind of familiar. I'd heard of Eddie Constantine, heard of Godard, had even read about the movie at one time or other but had never seen it. My foreign film knowledge is sorely lacking.

    @Dreamfarm--sooner or later they'll invent all the things that can be invented, and that will be that. I guess it will especially suck for sci-fi writers.