Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ad Libs (Burlesque Edition)

I recently told a dirty joke on this blog.

Actually, Eddie Templeton told the joke. Or tried to tell the joke, as he was continually interrupted by Mycroft Ptolemy.

Whoever told the joke, I knew sooner or later the ad box to the left would reflect that particular post's subject matter. I expected maybe a book for sale. 1000 Dirty Jokes And Then Some . Or Filthy Fun For Everyone. Or, possibly, The Portable Potty Mouth.

Or maybe an X-rated video that can be purchased online, though I'm told that's unnecessary as you can just watch one online. (I wouldn't know. Remember, I'm in the library. Those places frown on their patrons viewing porn.)

Instead, the ads are for sexual abuse centers, sexual abuse hot lines, sexual abuse seminars, sexual abuse literature, and sexual abuse videos. There's also an ad that asks (I kid you not), Is My Husband Gay? (I wonder if that one is left over from the same-sex marriage post a while back.)

This is not quite the spirit in which the post was intended.

You really shouldn't try to explain humor to an AdSense search engine, but here goes. The post was a satiric attempt to adapt the conventions of a dirty joke to a real life situation, and--ah, never mind.

To think, it's all because I decided to do a little blue humor as a change of pace.

Man, imagine the ads if Redd Foxx had had his own blog!

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